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Function and Application of Anthranilic Acid Methyl Ester

1. Anthranilic acid methyl ester is used as intermediates of dyes, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and perfumes. In the aspect of dyes, it is used to manufacture azo dyes, anthraquinone dyes and indigo dyes, like disperse yellow GC, disperse yellow 5g, disperse orange GG, active brown k-b3y, neutral blue BNL. In medicine, it is used to manufacture anti arrhythmic drugs, such as CHANGROLIN, vitamin L, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, such as methomyl, yantongjing, non barbital hypnotic drugs, hypnotic drugs, and strong antipsychotic drugs. As a chemical reagent, o-aminobenzoic acid can be used for the determination of cadmium, cobalt, mercury, magnesium, nickel, lead, zinc and cerium. It can be used with 1-naphthylamine to determine nitrite. It is also used in other organic synthesis.

2. Anthranilic acid methyl ester has stable properties and excellent quality. It can be directly used in organic synthesis, medicine, pesticide, perfume processing, fine chemical industry and other fields. The product has advanced production technology, scientific equipment design, simple operation, easy to master and control, high yield and low energy consumption, which has opened a new way for enterprises to change from extensive economy to intensive economy.

Anthranilic acid methyl ester has the following characteristics:

a) High content, 98.4% product content, in line with customer requirements;

b) Good appearance, light brown product appearance, light transmittance of 58.6%;

c) Good stability, stabilizer added in the production, and improved the post-treatment process;

d) High yield, 0.4-0.5 percentage points higher than the original, ranking first in the saccharin industry;

e) Advanced technology, applied new technologies such as low-temperature rapid ammonia discharge, methanol and benzene secondary recovery which can save process time, material consumption and energy consumption, and achieve good environmental protection effect.

f) There is no discharge of "three wastes" in the production process. It can be seen from the above characteristics that the product has high technology content, low production cost, high added value, good application performance and more extensive use value.

Anthranilic acid methyl ester is in line with the relevant national regulations on cleaning production. It is a successful practice for enterprises to realize product structure adjustment and quality improvement through technological innovation and equipment innovation, so as to achieve rapid development. The successful operation of the 5000t/a anthranilic acid methyl ester project is an example of enterprises responding to national policies, focusing on environmental protection and cleaner production of chemical products, extending the product chain, and adhering to the path of sustainable development. With the application value, excellent quality and lower production cost, anthranilic acid methyl ester has an absolute advantage in market competition, and have broad development prospects and promotion value.

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