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What is the Difference between Saccharin Sodium Anhydrous and White Sugar?

As a common food additive, sodium saccharin anhydrous is widely used in the production of various kinds of food. However, many people still have any questions about this kind of additive. Both sodium saccharin anhydrous and white sugar taste sweet, so what's the difference between them? Let Liaoning Fuxin QianYi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. to give you the explanation.


1. Saccharin sodium anhydrous is an organic chemical synthetic product. In addition to its sweet taste, it has no nutritional value to the human body. It is a food additive rather than a food. It should be used in an appropriate range and should not be consumed for a long time.


2. Adding a small amount of sodium saccharin anhydrous in food can achieve the sweetness of a large amount of white sugar. The sweetness of sodium  saccharin anhydrous is about 400 to 600 times that of ordinary white sugar, so the aqueous solution of saccharin sodium anhydrous is very sweet, and even the bitter taste will appear if the concentration is too high.


3. White sugar is refined sugar extracted from sugar beet and sugarcane. It tastes sweet with white color, and its main component is sucrose. As an important condiment, white sugar is often used to freshen Chinese dishes, which is widely used in various dishes.


4. Anhydrous saccharin sodium and white sugar are different in other aspects except the taste are sweet. In a few cases, anhydrous saccharin sodium and white sugar can replace each other.


The above is all about the difference between anhydrous saccharin sodium and white sugar. With the progress of science and technology, human beings have made great progress in the field of food compared with that of thousands of years ago. The use of food additives allows people to get more delicious food and have a longer shelf life, which changes the situation that people did not have enough to eat and wear for thousands of years.Its use in a reasonable range has everything to gain and nothing to lose, but does not exceed the usage specification.

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