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sodium saccharin 8 12 mesh
Sodium Saccharin 8-16 mesh
sodium saccharin 8 12 mesh

Sodium Saccharin for Agriculture/Animal Feed

Chemical Name: Sodium O-Benzoic Sulfimide

Molecular formula: C7H4NO3SNa·2H2O

Molecular Weight: 241.20

Appearance: White crystal 

Purity: ≥99.0%

Weight loss on drying:≤15%

Arsenic: ≤0.0002%

Pb: ≤0.0002%

Application of Sodium Saccharin

People who have raised small animals or poultry may have purchased feed and have some understanding of feed. They know what kind of food animals prefer to eat, fit to eat, and sometimes they add something to feed by themselves, such as sodium saccharin. 

Sodium saccharin is used as a sweetener in feed and water for drinking for piglets, pigs, and calves for fattening.

1. The function of sodium saccharin in feed for the target species is essentially the same as that in food.

2. Proper dose and handling are sufficient for safety.

3. Feed grade certificate.

4. Made-to-order mesh sizes: 4-6 mesh /5-8 mesh/6-8 mesh/20-40 mesh/40-80 mesh.

Why Sodium Saccharin can be Used for Agriculture/Animal Feed

They want to improve the animal's love of food, but some friends do not know the proportion of sodium saccharin in feed. Adding sodium saccharin in the feed can increase the sweetness of food and improve the edible quality of food, thus increasing the consumption of animals and making the animals grow faster. 

Pigs have a very developed sense of taste. The number of their taste buds of the tongue is three times that of the human. What pigs like most is sweet food. If the feed contains sweeteners, their feed intake will increase. However, if the sodium saccharin used in the sweetener is not hydrophobic treatment resulting in caking in the feed or size of sodium saccharin below 100 mesh,  the feed will have a bitter taste and affect palatability. Currently, sodium saccharin in sweeteners is required to have a crushing size of more than 160 mesh. And the sodium saccharin must be subjected to a surface hydrophobic treatment to prevent sodium saccharin from agglomerating with the water in feed and air, which will affect the even dispersion of sodium saccharin. This can cause local suffering(too sweet) or local not sweet.

Different Proportions for Different Animal Feeds

However, the proportion of sodium saccharin added in the feed needs to be prepared according to different feeds. Let's introduce the concentrated feed for you. For one ton of concentrated feed, we need to add 2kg sodium saccharin. If it is the complete feed, we need to add 5kg sodium saccharin per ton. 

It is recommended to add 200-300 grams per ton in piglets and Suckling pigs. According to the feed formula, animal species, age, season, regional characteristics, market preferences and other specific conditions sodium saccharin can be increased or decreased appropriately. The amount of concentrated material and premix material should be calculated according to this proportion, and premix should be even when used.

Specific Parameters of Sodium Saccharin for Animal Feeds

Loss on drying(%)≤15
C7H4NNaO3S content(in dry goods) ≤99.0-101.0
Ammonium salt(in NH4+)≤0.0025
Arsenic salt(in As) ≤0.0025

The limit standard of saccharin sodium in feed has been mentioned above, we can choose the amount of saccharin sodium in actual use according to the actual situation.

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