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Sodium Saccharin for Electroplating

Chemical Name: Sodium O-Benzoic Sulfimide

Molecular formula: C7H4NO3SNa·2H2O

Molecular Weight: 241.20

Appearance: White crystal 

Purity: ≥99.0%

Weight loss on drying:≤15%

Arsenic: ≤0.0002%

Pb: ≤0.0002%

Sodium Saccharin Dihydrate for Electroplating

Sodium saccharin is widely used in the electroplating industry, especially a lot of exported saccharin sodium is used in the electroplating industry. Sodium saccharin used in electroplating industry accounts for a large part of the output of saccharin sodium in China.

So what are the uses of electroplate grade sodium saccharin dihydrate?

Electroplating nickel brightener is generally divided into brightener and UESS: brightener is mainly composed of nickel intermediate compound; The UESS is composed of nickel intermediate and sodium saccharin. Sodium saccharin, chemically known as Sodium O-Benzoic Sulfimide, is a primary brightener in nickel plating, which can make the coating crystal fine, increase the ductility of the coating, and expand the current density range of the coating. The amount of sodium saccharin dihydrate in the UESS is usually controlled at 150-200 g/l according to different requirements.

This is to be able to make electroplating products bright. At the same time, the electroplating grade sodium saccharin dihydrate can also improve the softness of electroplating products. Therefore, many electroplating manufacturers will use sodium saccharin when producing electroplating products. However, Its high or low content has a great influence on coating quality. Too low saccharin content not only easy to appear brittleness coating, and often in the electroplate tip or protruding parts appear mist. At this time, we can carry out a supplementary test in hull cell. By adding a small amount of saccharin in hull cell to verify, if a small amount of saccharin is added, the mist phenomenon of the electroplating parts will be improved. And it can be adjusted according to this amount, but saccharin should not be added in excess. The content of saccharin in the nickel plating cylinder is easy to handle and only needs to be added to the process standard. However, it is not so easy to remove it quickly if excessive is added. Let me talk about the treatment of saccharin overdose. In practice, it was found that the commonly used treatment methods such as hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate oxidation could not effectively remove saccharin.

However, activated carbon adsorption can be used to effectively remove saccharin from the electroplating solution. We also found that the adsorption effect of carbon powder on bran essence has little influence on treatment time and temperature, but is related to the amount of activated carbon. When the concentration of saccharin in the plating solution is 1g/L, the maximum amount of saccharin can be removed by 1g powdered activated carbon.

Otherwise, the surface of bright nickel plating can not see what the problem, but will be in the subsequent chromium plating process will appear mist. This is called fake burning.

The uses of electroplated sodium saccharin dihydrate are basically the above points. Brightening and softening make the product look more beautiful, and make post-maintenance easier.

It should be noted that when we use industrial saccharin natrium, we need to melt it. Due to its high melting point, we need to heat it. What's more, when we are using it, we need to pay attention to the environment. This is because industrial sodium saccharin loses its value when heated in an acidic environment.

As the largest export of saccharin sodium, electroplating grade sodium saccharin has a good market prospect. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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