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What's The Difference Between Saccharin Sodium And White Sugar?

1. Sodium saccharin is a synthetic product of the organic chemical industry. It is a food additive rather than a food. In contrast, when more saccharin is consumed, it will affect the normal secretion of gastrointestinal digestive enzymes, reduce the absorption capacity of the small intestine and reduce appetite.

2. A small number of consumers, without knowing the harm of saccharin, consume a large amount of saccharin in a short period of time, which causes thrombocytopenia, resulting in acute massive hemorrhage and multiple organ damage, and causing malignant poisoning events. Saccharin chemical name is o-benzoyl sulfonimide, short for sodium saccharin. The sweetness of sodium saccharin is about 450~550 times as much as that of sucrose. Therefore, an aqueous solution of 1/100,000 of saccharin has a sense of sweetness. When the concentration is high, bitter taste will still appear.

3. White sugar is refined sugar from sugar cane or beet, which is white and sweet. Its main ingredient is sucrose. White sugar is an important condiment, which can increase the sweetness and umami of the dishes.

According to the above description, we can know that except sodium saccharin and white sugar are all sweet, other things are different. Saccharin sodium is a chemical synthesis product, while white sugar is the refined sugar extracted from food.


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