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How to Distinguish the Quality of Saccharin Natrium?

Edible saccharin natrium is a kind of saccharin natrium, which is divided into two categories, one is industrial saccharin natrium and the other is edible saccharin natrium. No matter in life or industry, saccharin natrium is inseparable, so the quality of saccharin natrium is very important. Then, how to distinguish the quality of saccharin natrium? Let the staff of Liaoning Fuxin QianYi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. find out the answer for you.

1. The substance that can make saccharin natrium present large-particle crystals is crystal water, which has good transparency and looks pure in color. Each crystal is a regular and beautiful rhombus, with a smooth appearance, the size of the crystal particles is similar. There is little slag, and almost no impurities. The color is white and the transparency is very good. There is no yellow or white adhesion, and it smells a little sweet.

2. In the chemical formula, the crystal water in saccharin natrium accounts for 16% of the total weight. When it comes in contact with the air, some water will be lost. The international standard water content of saccharin natrium is about 14%-15%. The lower the water content of saccharin natrium, the higher the drying cost of the factory. If the transparency is poor, the moisture is more likely to be lost. The outer edge of the crystal will turn white when the water of saccharin natrium is lost too much.

How to distinguish the quality of saccharin natrium? Through the above sharing, I believe everyone has a basic understanding. When buying saccharin sodium, you can choose according to the content shared above. This is the end of the sharing of this article, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

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