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Sodium Saccharin Should Not Be Added To Liquor Flavoring

Saccharin sodium is known as saccharin, which is hundreds of times sweeter than ordinary sucrose. It is a kind of artificial sweetener, and it is often consumed in food containing saccharin sodium, which will cause harm to the liver and nervous system. China's liquor production and processing of the relevant provisions, sodium saccharin is not allowed to add liquor flavor additives.

True pure grain wines can be made without additives. In order to adjust the taste or save the cost, some liquor enterprises will add ester, acid, alcohol, essence, sodium saccharin and other components. Especially in the middle and low-end products, due to technology, equipment, materials and other reasons, the wine may have a bitter taste, even other odors.

The pure white wine itself is very fresh and strong, does not need flavoring agent to adjust, so it is not reasonable to add saccharin sweetener in white wine.

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