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Method for Detecting Saccharin Natrium in Food

Saccharin natrium in food needs to be controlled in a certain amount, which must be strictly controlled in accordance with international standards. Therefore, in order to meet the standard, we need a method that can accurately detect the amount of saccharin natrium in food. So, what are the measurement methods of saccharin natrium in food?

The detecting methods of saccharin natrium in food mainly include high performance liquid chromatography, thin layer chromatography, ion selective electrode method, ultraviolet spectrophotometry and so on. Liaoning Fuxin QianYi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. will not introduce it in detail here. Friends who don’t know can consult customer service for answers. In any case, each measurement method has its own characteristics and advantages. It can detect the amount of saccharin natrium in food. You can choose the detecting methods of saccharin natrium in food according to your own needs.

Finally, no matter which method we use to detect the content of saccharin natrium in food, we need to strictly control the experimental data, only in this way can we get more accurate data and better gaurantee people's food safety.

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