Sodium Saccharin 5-8 Mesh
Sodium Saccharin 5-8 Mesh
Sodium Saccharin 5-8 Mesh

Sodium Saccharin 5-8 Mesh

CAS number : 6155-57-3

Widely approved internationally. Suitable for a wide range of food and beverages.

Sodium Saccharin Food Additive 5-8 Mesh Features

Well-rounded sweetness with bitter aftertaste if  concentration is high. The sweetness is 500 times that of sucrose. High  sweetness at low concentration, therefore a lower cost. Stable during heating and processing, compatible with  other sweeteners and food ingredients. 5-8 mesh Sodium Saccharin is the larger grain crystal containing saccharin sodium and is diamond shape. Made-to-order mesh size. Every new batch is fresh made.


Regular 25kg/bag, customizable.

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Regular package will be 25 kg/bag, platic woven bag with PE inner, or Kraft paper woven bag with PE inner. 25kg or 50kg cardboard drum, 25kg carton can be used. We can also customise our package accor...