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Why is Saccharin n Sodium Added to Food Instead of Na Saccharin?

Although both saccharin sodium and Na saccharin have a sweet taste, the difference is still very big. At the same time, different saccharin sodium has different uses. We still need  the ability to distinguish saccharin sodium and Na saccharin in in our life. Recently, many people have asked us why saccharin sodium manufacturers add sodium saccharin to food instead of Na saccharin. Today, the Fuxin QianYi Fine Chemical will give you a unified answer.

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Sodium saccharin is a synthetic food additive specially used to improve food taste and increase people's appetite. However, Na saccharin can affect the secretion of digestive enzymes in the intestine and stomach, thus affecting people's appetite. So many foods will add saccharin sodium instead of Na saccharin.

That's why sodium saccharin is added to food instead of Na saccharin. The most straightforward answer is that saccharin sodium can be eaten, but Na saccharin is not easy to eat. In life, we can understand the determination method of saccharin sodium in food to ensure that we can eat healthy and safe food.

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