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The Present Situation of Na Saccharin

Na saccharin was invented by G. fahlarg and I. Remen in 1878. In 1910, the United States began to industrialize the production of na saccharin. The sweetness of na saccharin is about 200-500 times of that of sucrose, and its price is low, and its performance is stable, so it is widely used. For na saccharin, its disadvantages are: when its concentration is more than 0.03%, it has bitter taste; when it is heated under acid condition, its sweetness will gradually disappear, and at the same time, it will change into o-sulfamoyl benzoic acid with bitter taste.

Since the 1960s, China has mainly used na saccharin as a synthetic sweetener, which is mainly used in pickles, fruit juices, preserves, confections, etc. it is indispensable in people's life. The toothpaste, food and drinks we brush our teeth every day contain na saccharin.

In the United States, na saccharin is mainly used in food and medicine industries, about 61% is used in alcohol free drinks, 20% is used in food sweeteners, 19% is used in other food and drinks, that is to say, about 60%-80% of na saccharin is used in food and drinks.

The development of na saccharin industry is limited by the national industrial policies. For na saccharin products, the State implements fixed-point production, production and sales restriction, and total amount control. Enterprises need to approve the annual production plan. At present, there are four national designated sodium saccharin manufacturers in China. The quality of na saccharin produced by them has reached the national standard and the internationally recognized British Pharmacopoeia Standard.

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