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The Characteristics of Sodium Saccharin Anhydrous

Sodium saccharin anhydrous is one kind of the saccharin sodium, but anhydrous saccharin sodium is much better than saccharin sodium, so it is very popular in various industries. Do you know the characteristics of anhydrous sodium saccharin? Let Fuxin QianYi Fine Chemical  to share it for you.

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1. The purity of sodium saccharin anhydrous is very high. As for sodium saccharin anhydrous, in general, the higher the purity, the better the quality. When we use it, we need to do less treatment, so it can be used safely in many places.


2. Anhydrous saccharin sodium has higher sweetness. Therefore, when we use it in food factories and beverage factories, we don't need to use too much to achieve the desired effect. This is convenient for us to better control the amount of saccharin sodium. This is because if we use too much, it will have a certain bitterness.


3. When we use sodium saccharin anhydrous, we must distinguish its use level before use. What's more, if you don't use saccharin sodium, you must keep it well. Although its stability is very strong, some environments will affect anhydrous saccharin sodium.


What is the characteristic of anhydrous saccharin sodium? I believe you must have a certain understanding of sodium saccharin anhydrousnow.

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