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Sodium Saccharin Product Dosage Standard

Properties and Uses of Sodium Saccharin (Crystal)

This product is used for flavoring, diagnosis, and medication, measuring blood circulation time, also widely used in chemical pesticides, electroplating industry, cosmetics, tobacco and other industries. Packing: in bags, in barrels.

Dosage standard

1. Gb2760-1996: pickles, compound seasonings, concentrated juice, beverage, preserved fruit, confectionery, confectionery, cold drinks, cakes, biscuits and bread (0.15g/kg, of which concentrated juice is added at 80% of concentration);Melon seeds, 1.2g/kg;Prune, orange peel, 5.0g/kg(may be mixed with other sweeteners as required).

2. FEMA(mg/kg) : soft drinks 72;Cold drink 150;Sweets 2100 ~ 2600;Baked goods 12.

3. The FDA, § 180.37 (1994): beverages, fruit juice, solid beverage, 12 mg / 28.41 ml of liquid.

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