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Is Saccharin Natrium in Toothpaste Harmful to People?

Saccharin natrium is very common in life, it may appear in many foods, such as cake, bread, and other kinds of dessert. The toothpaste also contains saccharin natrium. Seeing this, many people will ask, "is saccharin natrium in toothpaste harmful to people?" Let Liaoning Fuxin QianYi Fine Chemical share it for you.


1. Saccharin natrium, also known as soluble saccharin, is the sodium salt of saccharin, with two crystal water, colorless crystal, or slightly white crystalline powder. It is easy to lose the crystal water and become anhydrous saccharin. It is a white powder, odorless or slightly fragrant, with strong sweet and bitter taste. It enters the gingiva as a synthetic additive, even if it enters the human body, it will be discharged through the kidney, and the amount of toothpaste is very small, which will not affect the body, so it can be used.


2. Saccharin natrium additive is not a poison, so it will not cause harm to the human body within the scope of all needs. Especially, toothpaste only stays in the mouth for a short time, and you will not eat a lot of it, so it will not be harmful and can be used safely. Moreover, as long as you buy toothpaste produced by regular manufacturers, there is no problem. The content of saccharin sodium in toothpaste is very small, just to meet the taste while brushing teeth.


I believe you have a certain understanding of the problem that sodium saccharin in toothpaste is harmful to people through the content shared above. I hope the content shared above will help you.

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