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How to Deal with the Waste Water in the Production of Saccharin Natrium?

As we all know, saccharin natrium is a substance many times sweeter than sucrose. It can be divided into industrial saccharin natrium and food additives.

Saccharin natrium will produce some waste water during the production process, and these waste water cannot be treated casually, otherwise it will cause some unnecessary things. So how to deal with the waste water from the production of saccharin natrium? Let the staff of Liaoning Fuxin QianYi Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. take you to find out the answer.

1. Decompression concentration and recovery of hydrochloric acid: the copper-containing wastewater of saccharin natrium is concentrated under reduced pressure to a moisture content of less than 20%, then the hydrochloric acid in the wastewater is condensed and recovered;

2. The solvent is added to the residue after the hydrochloric acid is recovered, mixed and stirred thoroughly, and filtered to obtain a filtrate and a precipitate. The solvent mentioned here is methanol or ethanol, the ratio of solvent volume to residue mass is 0.1 to 10:1, and the unit of the ratio is g/mL;

3. Recovery of sulfuric acid: add 0.1 to 1 times of the volume of filtrate into the filtrate, distill to recover methanol or ethanol, and the remaining liquid is crude sulfuric acid;

4. Recovery of copper: dissolve with water for precipitation, and dissolve with 0.5 to 5 times the mass of the precipitate. The ratio of the volume of water to the mass of the precipitate is 0.5 to 5:1, and the unit of this ratio is g/mL; adjust the pH of the solution to 8-14 with sodium hydroxide, then filter to obtain copper hydroxide; add sulfuric acid to copper hydroxide to obtain copper sulfate;

5. Solid waste residue: the waste liquid after copper hydroxide is recovered and concentrated to dryness under reduced pressure to obtain sodium sulfate of solid waste residue.

How to deal with waste water from the production of saccharin natrium? Through the above sharing, I believe you have a basic understanding. When treating saccharin natrium waste water, we should follow the above points to avoid harm. This is the end of the sharing of this article, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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